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Social media marketing is not just about technology, its more about psychology and sociology. Our expert social media professionals will craft a campaign which will reach our focus audience and build a relationship with them.

Social Media Marketing Engagement

Social media has evolved in the era of millennials, earlier one could get away with building a social media marketing on the fly, as long you were present you were doing well than your competitor. But now in 2018 not much of its logic is applied as 30% of millennials says they engage with brand on social at once a month, so strategy of existence doesn’t succeed now.

It increases your brand awareness by social media post and advertisement as they are key to increase inbound traffic. An important benefit of social media for business is lead generation as all social network are offering advertising format designed to collect leads. With its low-cost advertising and high reach to all ages and demographics. Demographics help us to select niche audience for better lead generation. Social media encourages two way medium, which leads to perfect customer care services by providing stellar customer service through efficiently responding back fast to the audience feedback and any business customer visits store once week but through social media post they visit brand site every day.

Social media marketing support one to build brand recognition, voice and content giving better search engine ranking.

Our Social Media Marketing Networks:

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Why Social Media Marketing Services

Brand Visibility

Build your Brand Reputation with Social Media

Targeted Audience

Generate Quality Leads from Social Media.


Quick Results and Improved Performance.

High ROI

High ROI with Low Cost.

Long Term

Build long term Customer Relationships.

High Reach

42% of marketer's report that Facebook is critical to there business

Facebook Platform

1.86 billion monthly active users on Facebook

Twitter Platform

81% of millennials check Twitter at least once per day.

LinkedIn Platform

LinkedIn boasts more than 450 million user profiles.

Youtube Platform

More than half of all YouTube views are on mobile devices.

ITinfo Digital will help your social presence reach to new level.

By optimising social media strategy to engage with your target audience through strategic alliances and relevant content on various platform of social media. We will boost your business into the right direction by utilizing the power of social media and using social network sites, blogs and online communities in a well-planned manner

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